Choosing the Perfect Fireplace

Choosing the perfect fireplace will transform your home to a haven of comfort and warmth. If you’re considering rekindling your home with a fireplace, we can help. Choosing the perfect fireplace means evaluating the differences between electric, gas, and wood-burning, so you can make an informed decision based on your preferences and lifestyle.

Choosing the Perfect Fireplace: Electric Fireplaces

Let’s start with the modern marvel of the electric fireplace. These contemporary heating solutions have gained popularity for their convenience and versatility. Unlike traditional fireplaces, electric does not require a chimney, making them suitable for virtually any room in your home. The installation is as simple as plugging it into a standard electrical outlet, and turning it on.

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are incredibly efficient, converting almost 100% of the energy into heat. This ensures that you get the most out of every penny spent on electricity.
Forget about chopping wood or cleaning out ashes.

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Electric fireplaces require minimal maintenance (just a little dusting), allowing you to enjoy the ambiance without the hassle. In addition, most electric fireplaces come with adjustable settings, allowing you to control the flame intensity, heat output, and even the color of the flames with a remote control. They can be freestanding, mounted or recessed into the wall.

Choosing the Perfect Fireplace: Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces strike a balance between the convenience of electric fireplaces and the traditional charm of wood-burning ones. They provide the look of a real flame without the need for hauling messy wood or dealing with cleaning up ashes. Instead, gas fireplaces rely on a natural gas line or propane tank for fuel.

Check out these 3 types:

  • Gas fireplace inserts. Inserts fit into existing wood-burning fireplaces, converting them to gas. We are specialists with retro-fits.
  • Direct vent gas fireplaces. Vent combustion fumes are directed through an exterior wall or roof.
  • Ventless gas fireplaces. No chimney required.  Fumes are converted into water vapor and released indoors.
    (Note: These have stricter ventilation requirements and may not be suitable for all spaces.)

Choosing the Perfect Fireplace: Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

With just the flip of a switch or the push of a button, you can ignite a realistic, beautiful, controlled flame. No need to wait for logs to catch fire or deal with the aftermath of a burnt-out fire. With a gas fireplace, you don’t have to wait for the fire to go out, either!

In addition, gas fireplaces produce minimal emissions, making them an eco-friendly option.

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Gas fireplaces may be your answer since it means eliminating the need for regular chimney cleanings. They provide a steady and adjustable heat source, making them very efficient heaters. Some models even come with a blower to distribute heat more evenly throughout the room.

Choosing the Perfect Fireplace: Wood Burning Fireplaces

For those who appreciate the rustic charm and natural ambiance of a crackling wood fire, choosing the perfect fireplace may mean a traditional wood-burning structure. While they require more effort and maintenance, the rewards are the sights and sounds of a real fire.

Benefits of Wood Burning Fireplaces

Nothing beats the authentic experience of a wood-burning fireplace. The sound of crackling wood, the dancing flames, and the scent of burning logs create a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere.

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If you have a ready supply of firewood, a wood-burning fireplace can be a cost-effective heating option. Just be prepared to invest some time and effort into sourcing and preparing the wood.
With a wood-burning fireplace, you’re not reliant on gas or electricity. This can be particularly beneficial during power outages or in remote areas without access to gas lines.

Choosing the Perfect Fireplace: Contact Us

If you are thinking of redesigning your current fireplace, building a new one, or a retrofit, contact us. We install and service all brands of gas, electric and wood burning fireplaces.

When you’re ready to give your fireplace a makeover, or you’re having any type of issue with your fireplace, we offer installation and service on all types and brands of fireplaces.

Choosing the perfect fireplace depends on your lifestyle and the ambiance you want to create. We can help you choose the right one for your home. Contact us for a free consultation.


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